British Wadokai Club List

Authentic British Wadokai Karate Atemi Ju-Jutsu Renmei Club List.
​If the Club’s not here, it’s NOT British Wadokai!

British Wadokai Clubs (pdf)
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A list of registered British Wadokai club instructors and yudansha can be found here

Have you thought about ‘Being a British Wadokai Instructor’?

If you are 18, and hold a 1st Dan within British Wadokai, you already have the foremost credentials to consider prior to being a Sensei at your own Dojo.

For further details and advice, please contact your main instructor. 

Additional application requirements for a British Wadokai Instructor would be the responsibility, of the applicant, to possess & include: CRB/DBS Certificate (scanned copy to be sent to the BWK CRB Officer and Chairman), Instructor Licence/Insurance (scanned copy to be sent to BWK Chairman), 1st Aid Certificate (scanned copy to be sent to BWK Chairman).

Club Affiliation

Thinking of joining British Wadokai? Do you run a Wado Club and want it added to the Club List?

Click on the file to download the Affiliation Form.

Affiliation to British Wadokai application form (pdf)
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