Kata Wanshu

This video is from a private lesson led by Sensei Gary Swift Hanshi which has kindly been shared to help others.

‘Wang Xiu’. A Karate Kata that had its roots originating in Taiwan, China, and introduced into Okinawa in 1683AD. Named after a Chinese emissary, Wang-Xiu, and developed as an Okinawan Tomari-te Karate Kata by Karate master Matsumura-Soken. Practiced within numerous Okinawan and Japanese Karate schools. Later renamed Enpi (flying swallow), in some Japanese styles, due to translation difficulties. Also known as Empi, Enbi, and Enpi.
Excerpts taken from the ‘Wado Comprehensive’ and an ‘A to Z of Martial-arts’, written by Gary E Swift Hanshi.